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Mario Paolini

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Mario PaoliniMario Paolini

Mario Paolini was born in Massa on the 12th of September 1920, he had been a Sergeant in the Genio Telegrafisti and had fought in Russia, before he took part in June 1944, with the name “Mario” in “Gruppo Patrioti Apuani”. He commanded a platoon, part of the IVth Company of Vinci Nicodemi.

On the 15th of September 1944 together with some companions he engaged in a gun battle with a group of Germans after their incursion into Canevara, where they had set fire to some houses.

He was hit in the forehead by an enemy bullet. His companions recovered his body the next day. He was posthumously awarded the Medaglia d’Oro al Valore Militare (the Gold Medal for Military Valour)


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