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Aldo Salvetti was born in Mirteto, Massa on the 27th of November 1923, he was a carpenter and a partisan in the detachment called Aldo Cartolari, which was part of the Garibaldi Brigade “Ugo Muccini” (renamed in November 1944 “Gino Menconi”), connected to the Communist Federation of Apuania named after a partisan from “Mulargia” who was presumed killed at Forno on the 13th of June 1944.

The evening of the 18th of September 1944 his group attacked a German post near Castagnola: the element of surprise was lost because a sentry raised the alarm, and in the exchange of fire that followed a partisan fell to his death and another died some days later of his injuries.

Aldo Salvetti was wounded in a leg and took refuge in a field under a tree, but he wasn’t able to get away because in his condition he wasn’t able to get over the barbed wire fence that enclosed the field. In the afternoon of the following day he was discovered and captured by the Germans, subjected to torture to reveal the names of his compatriots, taken bleeding through the village streets, and executed on the doorstep of a private house.

He was posthumously awarded the Medaglia d’Oro al Valor Militare (the Gold Medal for Military Valour)


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