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A European journey down the paths of memory

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Go to paths of memoryGo to paths of memoryWith the decision 1904/2006/CE of 12th December 2006, the European Parliament and the dopted the program “Europe for the Citizens” for the period 2007-2013, the aim of which is to support activities and organizations for the promotion of an “active European citizenship” which should involve the citizens and civil organizations in the European integration process.

Within the program “Europe for the Citizens” Action 4, “Active European Memory”, aims at preserving the main sites and archives relating to deportation, and maintaining the memory of the victims of Nazism and Stalinism, in order to leave the past behind and construct the future.

The project “A European journey down the paths of memory”, by the Comune di Massa together with the Polish city of Nowy Sącz, has been approved by the Executive Agency of the European Commission

The project intends to enhance the memories of places linked to the German occupation, especially the Nazi-fascist exterminations, to keep the victims’ memories alive, and to base an active European citizenship on the knowledge of the past (war, Fascist dictatorship, German occupation) aware of the war. The area of Massa represents a focal point in the Nation’s war memory to reflect on the violence of war. This region was marked by a long German occupation in comparison to the rest of Tuscany, characterized by the stalemate of the Gothic Line front.

In this context the tight entwining among Nazi, Republican Fascist, and war violence produced some of the most tragic and brutal Nazi-Fascist exterminations committed in Italy. You only have to think of Forno and the graves of the Frigido. These events represent a moment of reflection and processing of the memory, the ability to overcome the limits of the local dimension and to offer material for a wider reflection which involves the great themes of peace and war, human rights and justice.

The project consists of an open air museum throughout Massa to maintain and enhance those often forgotten places, or those not carefully pointed out and whose function has been lost in the urban collective memory. It’s important that the places, protagonists of the events, real places of memories, are joined together to create a memory route. This route will link the crucial places of the war geography and of the Nazi occupation, and of its memory, through a grid of posters and a multimedia interactive installation which allows the viewer to reach a personal reprocessing of the past.

The project is for all the citizens, but special attention has been given to the new generation, in particular by adopting multimedia and technological communicative language closer to young people.


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