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Park of the Resistance Monte Brugiana

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After the Armistice of 8th September 1943 armed and civil resistance developed in this war torn land as a result of the harsh German occupation and increasingly difficult living conditions. This resistance won the Province of Massa-Carrara the Medaglia d’Oro al Valor Militare (the Gold Medal for Military Valour) and the Medaglia d’Oro al Merito Civile (the Gold Medal for Civilian Merit) for the Comune di Massa (Massa’s Town Council). In memory of this the Council and the European Community have reawakened these memories.

Park of the Resistance Monte BrugianaPark of the Resistance Monte BrugianaA strategic place for control of the Apuan territory, whether looking at the coastal side or at the road connecting Massa and Carrara and the en- trance to the valley of the river Frigido, Monte Brugiana represents one of the symbols of the Apuan Resistance. The field of operations for many groups, the “Cartolari” on the Carrara side, the “Ceragioli” on the Casette side and the Patrioti Apuani on that of Massa, the Brugiana always represented a thorn in the side of the German army.

Above all from autumn 1944 when the Patrioti Apuani suspended their guerrilla operations and held their positions in order to pass the winter and prepare for the final battle, Monte Brugiana demonstrated in full its importance in controlling the territory. Because of its ability to control the “passo della Foce” (the Foce pass) the easiest most protected pass towards the north, it would have facilitated the advance of the Allied army as they would have been able to avoid being discovered while crossing the coastal face and being exposed to the German artillery fire from Punta Bianca.

This was the reason why the Patrioti Apuani decided to deploy their better trained group here, entrusted to the commander Vico and given the best weapons available to be able to block German access at any time and by using the highest mountain, the Brugiana of the Apuan Resistance. The Partisan artist Mario Angelotti “Conte Giò” decided to set up the Park of the Resistance, a real and proper memorial to the battle against Fascism in defence of freedom and the dignity of mankind, along the side of this mountain.

(Text by Massimo Bertozzi)

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