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Andrea MarchiniAndrea MarchiniAndrea Marchini was born in Massa on the 12th of October 1921, he was already a Carabinieri Maresciallo, he was a partisan in the group Patrioti Apuani and was active as head of a squad of the IVth Company commanded by Vinci Nicodemi. He distinguished himself in the action on the 2nd of December 1944 when the Company carried out guerrilla attacks from “Bandito”, above Altagnana, in the face of a powerful German round-up.

Crossing the front line together with about 200 men, Vinci Nicodemi decided to return to the zone on the 15th of December. The group left Seravezza in the American zone and climbed the Passo del Pitone in the evening. At the beginning of the descent to Campiglia the men set off some mines set by the Germans. There followed a gun battle.

Andrea Marchini lost a foot, and died during the combat with the Germans which followed the discovery of the mines. In the following days two partisans Francesco Antolini and Alfredo Most were killed trying to recover his body. He was posthumously awarded the Medaglia d’Oro al Valor Militare (the Gold Medal for Military Valour).


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